18 Historical Unique Photos You’ve Never Seen Before

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Among the many photographs of the past, there are some that show the history from a different perspective. The best of these images can help you to imagine better than a book or a movie what it is really like to live through that time, now lost forever.

Bright Side has selected 20 interesting shots that fit this description perfectly. Look.

You have no chance of attracting her attention if your opponent is Alain Delon. Even if you’re Mick Jagger.

Alain Delon and Mick Jager

Salvador Dali walking his pet anteater, 1969.

Salvador Dali walking his pet Anteater

Osama bin Laden on vacation with his family, Sweden, 1970.

Osama Bin Laden and his Family vacation in Sweden 1970

The fashion for hats, New York, 1939.

Hat fashion in New York 1939

Alfred Hitchcock playing with his grandchildren, 1960.

Alfred Hitchcock and his grandchildren 1960

Princeton University students after a snowball fight, 1893.

Princeton University Student after snowball fight 1893

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg playing with water pistols, Sri Lanka, 1983.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg in Srilanka 1983

A one-hundred-and-six-year-old Armenian woman defends her house, 1990.

106 years old Armenian Woman defending her house 1990

A five-megabyte hard drive is shipped by IBM, 1956.

5 Megabyte hard drive delivered by IBM 1956

French women who have been accused of having affairs with German soldiers are stripped down to their underwear, some with heads shaved, as part of their public humiliation, 1944.

French woman accused having affair with German Soldier

Flooding in Paris, 1924.

Flood in Paris 1924

Nikola Tesla in his laboratory.

Nikola Tesla in his Laboratory

Women protest against the forced wearing of the hijab in Iran after the Islamic Revolution, 1979.

Women protest againts wearing hijab in Iran Islamic revolution

The last photo of the Titanic before it sank, 1912.

Last photo of Titanic before it sank

A Frenchman gives a light to Winston Churchill, 1944.

French man give light to Winston Churchill 1944

A smoking break during the construction of the RCA building, 1932.

Smoking break construction RCA building

Coca-Cola arrived in France, 1950.

Coca Cola arrive in France 1950

The seal on the doors of the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922. It had remained intact for an incredible 3,245 years.

Door Seal Tomb Tutankhamen 1922

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