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Asian Angels Volafile

asian angel shutterstock
asian angel shutterstock

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Victoria’s Secret is rarely showing any models of Asian descent. There was never a Victoria’s Secret model of “Angel Status” identifies as Asian or Asian American. When the Chinese model Liu Wen appeared in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2009. She received a lot of attention for being the first Asian model of Victoria’s Secret runway. Her performance was praised as “empowering” for Asian women. But is it really?

While some viewers may find it disappointing that no Asian women have to perform at this year’s Victoria’s Secret. Project the image of the ideal woman, the absence of an Asian woman between Victoria Secret Angels is a positive thing. Strutting the catwalk in tight clothes, towering heels and plastic wing would be more crippling than empowering. And the fact that asian women have been objectified and fetishized for centuries.

Other popular depictions of Asian women as a dragon lady, “China doll,” geisha, the hostesses and dancers. This promote the idea that Asian women are objects that exist only to obey and please the white man. Indeed, pervasively toxic stereotype of Asian women in modern culture has a lot to do with the absence of extraordinary of Asian women in positions of power, and equally. This is rare sighting positive portrayals of Asian women in the mainstream media. There is only one Asian business woman on the Forbes list of the “100 Most Powerful Women in the World”. Asian-American women fill only 0.2% of CEO positions in the United States, and there was never an Asian-American woman on the US Supreme Court.

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