Chinese Military Aircraft Looks Like Flying Saucer

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Pictures of flight expo in China showed the new Chinese military aircraft that looks strikingly like a flying saucer UFO vintage out of a movie.

Last week, photos began circulating online foreign craft outer skin that looks and middle cockpit. On Friday, the newspaper China’s state-run Global Times has seemed to confirm that the vehicle is an experimental attack helicopter nicknamed the Great White Shark, which can fly as fast as in 2020.

China military aircraft looks like a flying saucer
China new aircraft

A detailed analysis of the project by The Drive – including translation of the plaque that accompanied the craft expo – found the vehicle may generate lift using a 16-foot rotor armored outer skin, while two jet engines provide forward impetus.

Drive also shows that the futuristic craft is not the first to feature a circular, plate-like design – although the military contractors have struggled to make a practical concept on the battlefield.

One thing is certain: the concept shows that China, like the United States, is trying to figure out what form the attack helicopters of the future will take.

Super Great White Shark attack helicopter, which looks like a flying saucer, which was exhibited at the 5th China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin on October 10, 2019. Photo: Liu Xuanzun / GT

China has showcased a model helicopter attack that looks like a flying saucer, which is scheduled to scale prototype made its maiden flight in 2020. The Chinese military expert said on Friday that although this is highly experimental aircraft and can not be put into practical use soon, it is beneficial for the development of Chinese technology for future helicopter.

Dubbed Super Great White Shark, the best sci-fi as it is exhibited at the 5th China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin, which runs from Thursday to Sunday.

7.6 meters long, 2.85-meter-wide helicopter has a blended wing body design, which makes it seem as if the air itself is a wide ring with its fixed cockpit in the middle.

According to the information board at the exposition, in the ring no coaxial rotor system with a diameter of 4.9 meters, which is likely to provide vertical lift. On two opposite sides of the ring, either parallel to the direction facing the cockpit, there are two turbojet engines that can provide large horizontal thrust for high speed movement.

Two pilots can be stored in the cockpit, and can be directed toward the plane with a set of steering wheel controls located below the rotor system. The steering wheel can also work with a rotor system to provide small horizontal thrust for low-speed movement.

The helicopter has a maximum takeoff weight of 6,000 kg, a top speed of 650 kilometers per hour, 6,000-meter ceiling and climb rate of 16.5 meters per second, according to the information board, which also said that the plane which is coated with stealth materials.

Super Great White Shark is a high-speed helicopter designed for the future of digital warfare, according to the council.

Interested in a futuristic design aircraft, military analysts, China showed that high speed and stealth capabilities of this aircraft can provide weapons superiority on the battlefield.

Others questioned the helicopter, saying that it could be unstable and may not be able to fly safely. They noted that foreign countries including the United States have made experiments with similar ideas in the past that have failed to put into practice.

A scale prototype aircraft will perform its maiden flight in 2020 edition of Airshow China in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, South China, China Central Television reported on Friday.

“Whether or not this particular helicopter can be practical, useful exploration for the development of China’s helicopter technology of the future,” said an anonymous military experts Global Times on Friday.

high speed, intelligence, stealth and low noise technologies helicopter four-way towards the future, another anonymous expert told the Global Times on China Helicopter Exposition.

Meanwhile, the helicopter should be more reliable and easier to maintain, he said.

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