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Cinemay is the the best free movie streaming sites and series online in French. You can access without subscription or registration.

Chosen 1st in France, Cinemay continues to take the advantage from another sites. Cinemay provide more capacity to serve each new film released in complete without cut. Likewise for the series: all the new recent series outings are available on our French streaming platform.


Our films, series, seasons, episodes, are in French version VF and VOSTFR with various qualities HQ Full HD Ultra HDTV 720p 1080p and 4K. On our platform Cinemay, we continue every day to add streaming movies tops and popular series. IMDB, Box-Office, HBO or the Netflix movies and series, are all available for free in full streaming High Quality French language.

Cinemay opens its doors to visitors of its site for free. Choose movies or series and enjoy streaming without having to subscribe or pay. It’s FREE and it’s UNLIMITED!

As we know, watch movies and TV series is a great way to spend free time. Almost every month, there are new movies are released and there is a lot of brand new TV series as well. All ready and update on Cinemay.

You do not want to spend the money to go to the theater and watch new movies. Thats why you need to use the help of the best free movie streaming sites with no signup.


As we know, some streaming movie provider, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, do not come for free. Yes, they have a subscription fee where people have to pay to watch it.

However, if you do not want to spend money when streaming, you can find a lot of sites that do not charge at all. It is spread all over the internet.

Click here to go to Cinemay

Streaming movie site you will read below are all free and easy to use. However, sometimes they are not available in some countries.

Also, you should understand that there will be a lot of ads popping up throughout your movie streaming. It is very common for anything that comes for free. If you do not want to get distracted by these ads, you can use an ad blocker software or applications.

Before streaming a movie from one of the websites below, please remember this. You have to prepare enough data plans or Wi-Fi connection. Movie streaming sites use alot of data so it requires a strong Internet connection.

If your connection is poor, there will usually be a lot of buffer which can cause discomfort when you watch the movie.

This is list of some other free movie streaming sites out there:

  6. And much more …

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