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One of the most basic techniques in building backlinks from other high PR pages is to use footprints and search operators, and then filter them based on PR using software.

For those of you who are confused, I will try to explain one by one.

So the footprint is a "trace" that is owned by a particular script, each specific script usually has a specific special code that is not owned by other scripts or platforms.

This is what is called a footprint. Usually, each platform or script has its own footprint. Are you confused? Okay ... I'll give you an example...

You certainly used to see blogspot blogs, right? Try to answer me, what phrases or code that is commonly owned by blogspot blogs that are not owned by other platforms?

Well, the answer is the phrase "powered by blogger", right? The phrase is usually only located on blogs hosted on the blogger platform (blogspot) and not owned by other blogs hosted on other platforms.

With this footprint, we can find many bloggers based on blogger platforms. That is, if we want to find a blogger blog, we can enter the phrase "powered by blogger" into the search engine (Google), and Google will give us a large list of sites that contain this phrase, and most of the list of sites provided by Google is a blogspot blog that has this phrase.

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Many people plunge into link acquisition before they build a strong foundation. What you have to realize is that a strong foundation (a well-optimized website) makes making your links more effective.

When your backlink is more effective, you don't need as much as possible to achieve the results you want! That ultimately saves you time and money.

Quality backlinks are needed for off-page optimization, which is optimization to increase SERP (search engine results page) which is done from outside the relevant site. In practice, off-page optimization is closely related to backlinks.

Various changes in Google's algorithm forced website owners who depend their site traffic from search engines to continue learning to find backlink and the right and appropriate optimization model in order to raise their web position to a better place on the search page.

Mass backlink models using automated software have been abandoned, because although they can increase the ranking of sites that are backlinked quickly on search pages, this method is also very vulnerable to Google's detection algorithm which can be fatal, namely a decrease in ranking in search engines (usually almost all keyword) up to penalty until deindex (if mass spamming is done quite brutally).

Google's algorithm to handle the problem of excessive backlink optimization is commonly known as Google Penguin. In recent years, this algorithm has caused many casualties, especially to those who build their sites with various types of spamming, bulk and low quality backlinks.

To avoid the Google Penguin tantrums, many webmasters have switched from the mass backlink model with low quality links to manual backlinks with high quality links.